Fiat Ducato Motorhomes and Campervans

Practical and proven on the road

In which cases is a Fiat Ducato campervan or motorhome the right choice? Which Fiat recreational vehicles are available at HYMER? We have good advice: Find helpful information about Fiat Ducato based motorhomes and camping vans right here.

In which cases is the Fiat chassis the right choice?

The Fiat Ducato as a basis for a motorhome or camper is a real classic choice. The Fiat chassis is the most common chassis among camping vehicles and has been tested, proven and optimized over many years. The equipment meets all requirements in terms of comfort, convenience, safety, performance, technological standards and more. The Fiat Ducato chassis is being produced since 1982 and stands for reliable performance as well als rock-solid technology that is constantly evolving. You are well advised with a HYMER motorhome or camper van based on a Fiat chassis if you ...

... value reliability and well-proven technology..

... aim to travel economically and safely.

... wish for comfortable interior and exterior equipment.

... aim to experience well sophisticated and practical room concepts.

... care about a stylish and classy interior for your camping vehicle.

Our Campervans and Motorhomes based on the Fiat Ducato

HYMER Exsis-t based on Fiat Ducato

Semi-integrated, for four to five people - that's the HYMER Exsis-t, which also relies on a Fiat Ducato chassis and stands out with its comfort, convenience and lightweight construction.

Discover HYMER Exsis-t now.

Motorhome HYMER Tramp SL based on Fiat Ducato

If you want to surpass the already sophisticated equipment of the HYMER T-Class CL, you may want to have a look at the HYMER T-Class SL. Up to a length of more than 7 meters, the HYMER T-Class SL offers optimum space with luxurious equipment.

Discover HYMER Tramp SL now.

HYMER T-Class “Ambition”

The “Ambition” special edition models built on a Fiat chassis will not only turn heads wherever you go – when it comes to technology, they’re also fully loaded with a wide range of top-quality standard equipment. From the cosy L-shaped seating area to the ambient lighting – it’s the countless small details that make every journey such an enjoyable experience.

Discover the HYMER T-Class “Ambition” now.

Hymermobil Exsis-i based on Fiat Ducato

A Fiat Ducato motorhome offers many possibilities. This becomes clear with the Hymermobil Exsis-i, which is a sporty and maneuverable, fully integrated vehicle with many layouts and in various vehicle sizes - from small to medium-sized.

Discover Hymermobil Exsis-i now.

Hymermobil B-Class CL “Ambition”

The Hymermobil B-Class CL “Ambition” combines high-class interior design with maximum functionality to create something truly special. In addition to air conditioning and alloy wheels, special interior and exterior style packages round off the unique features of your integrated travel companion on a Fiat chassis – so you can enjoy total freedom every time you travel.

Discover the Hymermobil B-Class CL “Ambition” now.

HYMER DuoMobil based on Fiat Ducato

Our high-class apartment on four wheels: The HYMER DuoMobil combines the advantages and characteristics of the Ducato chassis with an extraordinary and smart room concept.

Discover HYMER DuoMobil now.

Hymermobil B-Klasse SupremeLine based on Fiat Ducato

Technology, convenience, layout and design, safety or quality - the Hymermobil B-Class SupremeLine is always one step ahead. This large and luxury motorhome is equipped with many innovative features and leads the way into the future of travelling.

Discover Hymermobil B-Class SupremeLine now.

HYMERCAR Free based on Fiat Ducato

The HYMERCAR Free is a modern premium camper on Fiat chassis. It is built for all spontaneously determined people who love the extraordinary and do not want to give up comfort. The camper for up to 4 persons will surprise you with many details as well as additional packages and extras.

Discover HYMERCAR Free now.

Camper (Sydney) based on Fiat Ducato

Are you looking for a Fiat camper for 2 to 4 persons, which can be used as an everyday vehicle as well? The HYMERCAR Sydney without a bath might be the right choice for you. The camping bus with a standard pop-up roof makes optimum use of every square centimeter of the Fiat Ducato and remains maneuverable and flexible at the same time.

Discover HYMERCAR without bath (Sydney) now.

Camper with bathroom based on Fiat Ducato

Our Fiat-based camper vans with a bathroom will lead your way to independence. The practical, optional pop-up roof increases the flexibility of these campers. Like most of our models they are available in various vehicle lengths and with different beds or layouts.

Discover HYMERCAR with bath now.