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A trip to Italy with E-mountain bikes and a camper van

Like bright bursts of colour, the five small towns adorn the steep cliffs of Liguria. Is it a painting? More like a dream. At least that was the unanimous agreement from our three cyclists who were able to take a closer look at the Cinque Terre.

Claudi, Andy and Lukas were on the move with their three electric mountain bikes, the HYMER Fiat Yosemite and a plan that was actually supposed to take them somewhere completely different.

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HYMER Camper Van Fiat Yosemite

While on the motorway, the plan was still to go to the Dolomites – to get some fresh mountain air and rack up some kilometres on the trails. The fact that the trio ended up on the Italian Riviera wasn’t due to taking the wrong exit, but rather to the weather. Snow had covered the mountains and forced the travellers to make a spontaneous change in plans. A fortunate decision – in retrospect – as they would have never discovered the twelve-kilometre stretch of coast otherwise. Not only would one of UNESCO’s cultural heritage sites have slipped through their fingers, but also a few fantastic days in the south

Somehow we had completely different plans.
MTB guide, coach for mountain bike skills trainers and founder of the MTB & E-MTB mountain bike school Andy Rieger

Go way up to come back down.

Following the good weather and their trail app, the three needed just a few hours on the road to reach the picturesque region, which owes its name to five idyllic fishing towns: Cinque Terre. Soon after parking, rolling out the awning and popping up the roof, that dolce vita feeling starts to set in. The sun sets over the Mediterranean Sea and the trio takes to their cosy beds with cold foam mattresses. The plan is to gain some elevation the next morning – the holiday has officially begun.

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As the first rays of Italian sun filter through the insect screen of the pop-top roof, it’s instantly clear that this is a good place to be. And is that the smell of coffee in the air?

After having breakfast together on the folding table out in the open, the route has been set and our bikers are sitting … on their saddles. They head down the slope with a view of the ocean and their sights set on the harbour. It’s beautiful here. So beautiful that you can hardly get away from tourists. But that’s not a problem – just a few minutes of pedalling away and you’re surrounded by grapevines instead of sightseers. An omen? Perhaps – just a few hours later, it’s the fruit from precisely these vines that is making its way down Claudi’s and his fellow bikers’ throats as sweet dessert wine. It’s known as Sciacchetrà here and is a regional speciality. But beware. The return route is still ahead and dinner needs to be bought as well.

The first dinner in the camper van is just as it should be: pasta and pesto cooked in their own mobile kitchen. Thank you, Claudi. Although the candles are still back in Germany, the HYMER’s dimmable LED lights create an atmosphere that is just as pleasant and our bikers go to bed way after the sun.

Even before coffee is on the table the next morning, tyres can be heard on the gravel outside. Andy was eager to get going and already took a tour on his own. The question is where he had the power for his E-MTB – here – in the middle of nowhere and without a power hook-up. That’s something our pros prepared for ahead of time. The charger booster they brought along recharges the on-board batteries in record time during short drives or with the running engine. Practical. But now it’s time to have breakfast and plan the next route while secretly asking the question: “Why did we even plan to go to the Dolomites to begin with?”

As you can see, where there’s a will, there are lots of ways. And this way is even more comfortable with the HYMER Fiat Yosemite.

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Ciao ciao and see you soon.

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