Autumn tour for gourmets: Travelling from Lake Constance to Alsace in the HYMER Venture S

Simon and his partner had really been meaning to go to the Adriatic coast. But then they decided to simply take it easy during their five days off – first on the shores of Lake Constance, and then in Alsace. The perfect vehicle to turn this impromptu trip into an exclusive feast for all the senses? The HYMER Venture S!

Simon Beizaee


Lake Constance/Alsace
HYMER Venture S

Spontaneous decisions make for great adventures

Where to go for a short break in early November? That’s what we pondered when we discovered we had a block of five free days in our diaries. Initially we fancied the Adriatic. Croatia, perhaps? Or Italy? However, the long drive would hardly have been worth it for such a short stay. But what about Lake Constance, the “Swabian Sea”?

Little towns like Meersburg, overrun by tourists in the summer months, must surely be exquisitely empty at this time of the year. In addition, it’s only a short drive away, and the weather is looking good. Moreover, it’s close enough to Alsace for a quick visit to France. 

And so we set off! We don’t need much in the way of luggage: some warm jumpers, hiking boots, an umbrella – and our HYMER Venture S is ready to go.

Meersburg – medieval history, Baroque architecture and fine wines

Our first stop is the medieval town of Meersburg. Situated on the shores of Lake Constance and surrounded by picturesque vineyards, it is often described as the “most beautiful small town” on Lake Constance. After a good night’s sleep in the Instant Loft of our Venture S, we start the day with a dip in the lake, which, at ten degrees, is rather cold. It doesn’t get more refreshing than that! Afterwards, we head to the POP Kaffeeladen – a cosy café in the Old Town where we tuck into still warm French rolls and croissants.

Thus fortified, we explore the upper and lower halves of Meersburg. We stroll through narrow streets, take pictures of half-timbered houses, discover charming little shops ... A must-see attraction is the Staatsweingut Meersburg, a famous local winery. Its magnificent Baroque architecture and gardens with panoramic views over the lower town, Lake Constance and Meersburg Castle are a sight to behold. And of course, we don’t leave the castle’s wine shop without stocking up on some fine wines.


After stashing our haul in the Venture S, we take our hiking boots on their first outing. Eager to explore, we roam the surrounding vineyards and admire the autumnal grapevines’ bright orange leaves.

Back at the Venture S, we realise: It’s high time for an afternoon coffee! And with the sun shining, we can enjoy it on the rear patio of our HYMER Venture S. Wrapped up warmly in our blankets, we savour our view of Lake Constance and breathe in the fresh autumn air. It’s a special moment.

As the wind freshens up, we decide to move on to the Meersburg Therme spa. After all, we have come here to relax. The lakeview saunas, invigorating cedarwood and rosemary Aufguss sessions, a hammam and an open fireplace provide enough warmth to last us a few days. 

Relaxed to the max, we go in search of a quiet spot for the night. Not a problem during off-season! Several farmers, vintners and publicans offer their own pitches close by. In the end, we get to park our off-roader right in the middle of an apple orchard. Here we relax for the evening and watch a film, using the Venture’s projector and screen.

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Constance, Lake Titisee – and Bonjour la France!

We start the next day with breakfast in an empty car park overlooking the lake. The large windows of the HYMER Venture S make us feel immersed in the beauty of nature. From Meersburg we take the ferry to Constance. What a view of the lake! Once again, luck is on our side: the sky is a bright azure, the sun is shining, a fresh breeze ruffles our hair – and we let our eyes wander over the magnificent Swiss Alps, clearly visible in the distance. In Constance, we stroll along the beautiful lakeside promenade to the Old Town. Then we continue through the Black Forest towards Alsace.

We make a short stop at Lake Titisee, where there is a car park for walkers on the Hochfirst mountain, 1,192 metres above sea level. We spontaneously decide to spend 2.5 hours hiking this marvellous scenery – with views of the Feldberg mountain, Lake Titisee and (as it’s a clear day) even the Alps. Then we continue towards Alsace. We cross the Rhine at Freiburg – and say “Bonjour” to the land of tarte flambée and Pinot Gris!

Whether it's an afternoon coffee on the Sunset Deck, fantastic views from the Instant Loft or a cosy movie night in your own home cinema - the special features of the HYMER Venture S made our spontaneous trip an experience for the senses.
Digital Designer Simon Beizaee

First-hand wine knowledge

Here’s a tip for campers: many wine growers in the region will let you stay on their land for free. Of course, the owners will appreciate it if you buy a bottle or two of their wine in return. Everybody wins! Thus we make our way to a seven-hectare estate, where Carmen, the lady of the house, offers us a friendly welcome. 

We’re invited to park the Venture S among the grapevines. As we open the Instant Loft’s large window, all we see is their brightly coloured leaves. In the evening, we set off in search of an authentic tarte flambée – and end up in the picturesque village of Eguisheim. Here, we find a small basement restaurant with a rustic ambience where the tarte flambée, wine and chocolate mousse are simply out of this world.

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The next day, Carmen takes us on a tour of the family business. She shows us the wine cellar, explains the equipment and describes a typical working day, all while inviting us to taste the delicious wines. It goes without saying that we buy a case from her. Those bottles will make excellent Christmas gifts. Carmen leaves us with plenty of tips for activities in the surrounding area. We are thrilled by such hospitality – and decide we’ll definitely return in the summer.

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Discovering Colmar: there are no wrong turns here!

And just like that, we’ve reached the last day of our little road trip. We take our time cruising along the Alsace Wine Route in our HYMER Venture S, on our way to visiting the picturesque town of Colmar in the afternoon. Nestled among the region’s most scenic vineyards, it is situated between the Vosges Mountains and the Rhine River, about 70 kilometres south of Strasbourg.

Colmar is a place where you simply can’t go wrong. Wherever you end up is stunning! The medieval town’s winding alleyways form one of Europe’s largest pedestrianised zones.

As you stroll through the town, you’ll discover something new around every corner: magnificent merchant houses, romantic bridges and colourful half-timbered buildings all densely packed together, lining canals decorated with flower boxes. Soon we find ourselves in the old covered market and tuck into – what else? – another delicious tarte flambée!

We continue on to the Petite Venise district, Colmar’s “Little Venice”. For eight euros each, we take a trip on the Lauch River in a small wooden boat and listen to the boatman’s fascinating tales recounting the town’s history. One of the numerous bridges is so low that we have to bend down to fit underneath. After the trip, we are actually a bit chilled and warm up in a tea room with cappuccino, tea and delicious pastries. As we watch, the preparations for the Christmas market are already in full swing: garlands, fairy lights, mulled wine stalls ... It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Unfortunately, it’s almost time for us to say goodbye. We take a last stroll through the Old Town, stock up on pains au chocolat and gugelhupf in a boulangerie – and then start the glorious 190 hp engine of our Venture S. With wonderful new memories, countless pictures stored in our cameras and plenty of delicious wine in our luggage, we make our way home.


Our short impromptu trip to Lake Constance and Alsace was a complete success. From the idyllic autumn landscape and picturesque villages to the warm hospitality of the campsite operators and, of course, the outstanding comfort of the HYMER Venture S, the whole trip was a sheer delight. After these unforgettable days, we are looking forward to our next visit to Alsace – and have certainly learned to appreciate travelling in our HYMER Venture S even more!

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