Experience exclusive freedom
What makes the HYMER Venture S special?

With its pioneering combination of lifestyle, comfort, high-tech and rugged off-road capabilities, the HYMER Venture S stands for a completely new motorhoming experience. It uses numerous innovative ideas that combine to create an exclusive whole. Discover the most exciting highlights around the new way to enjoy motorhoming.

Exclusive enjoyment:
Private Lounge & Sunset Deck

The centrepiece of the HYMER Venture S living space is the elegant lounge with its curved Infinity Screen made of real glass. It will surround you with a light-flooded ambience and breathtaking panoramic views, even when the vehicle is closed. The stylish, yacht-style sun deck also creates an immediate experience of nature. It’s the best place to be to drink in your surroundings.

Particularly clever: the lounge table with its stylish top made of solid bamboo is easy to fold up and stow away. If you like, you can then combine the comfortably upholstered bench seats to make a cosy bed.

Exclusive dreaming:
Sleeping in the Instant Loft

One of the unique highlights of the HYMER Venture S is its pneumatic roof. Its outer walls are made of a very robust material and provide reliable insulation against heat, cold, light and noise. Maybe even more surprising, however, is the Instant Loft’s interior. It offers a generous sleeping area complete with stylish furnishings, ambient lighting and a large window for marvellous views.

Particularly smart: using the HYMER Connect App, you can adjust the firmness of the comfort mattress to suit your personal preferences. So a night in the HYMER Venture S really feels like sleeping on cloud nine

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The main attraction:
Your independence

The HYMER Venture S combines superior off-road performance with a generous sense of space and many innovative features. View this short video to discover what makes this vehicle so very special.

Exclusive living:
Comfort stairs & intelligent storage space

Motorhoming also means using existing space as cleverly as possible. An innovative example of this is the comfort stairs, which lead up to the HYMER Venture S sleeping area. Because despite all the comfort, our interior designers made use of every cubic inch available. The entire space below the steps is used for fitted storage compartments. The sophisticated slate finish and discreet leather handles make for a look that is as tidy as it is stylish.

Exclusive working:
Mobile office space

Why shouldn’t people who love to live among nature claim the freedom to work there as well? The HYMER Venture S offers an ideal mobile office space. Just a few simple steps, and the folding desk is ready for use, the passenger seat turned around to transform into a comfortable office chair, and the flexible overhead light repositioned. Of course, 230 V sockets and USB ports are also located exactly where they are needed. And once the work is done, your mobile office is just as quick to disassemble as it was to set up.

Exclusive regeneration
Vario Spa & XL shower

Ordinarily, it’s a beautiful bathroom with sophisticated ceramic, real bamboo and slate-coloured fittings. But a quick swivel movement transforms the Vario Spa into a comfortable, XL shower cubicle with a level floor measuring 74 x 64 cm. In this way, the HYMER Venture S offers you a flexible oasis for the most refreshing moments of your day.

Exclusive relaxation:
Mobile projector & screen

For stylish film nights with your partner: if you have been active all day, exploring new territory, you can sit back and relax in the evening. The powerful projector shows your favourite movies on the screen supplied, with superb picture quality – so you can fully immerse yourself in your cinema experience. Like many other components, the projector can be easily and safely mounted on the rails integrated into the multifunctional wall.

The journey of discovery continues

Fancy learning even more about the HYMER Venture S? Get to know all the features of this exclusive off-roader now – and configure your personal dream vehicle.

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