HYMER DuoMobil

The concept

Made for two.

The HYMER DuoMobil – a motorhome that is completely tailor-made for couples travelling alone!

The HYMER DuoMobil is as cosy and comfortable as a holiday home, and as mobile as a motorhome! Developed in collaboration with the Schleinkofers, the HYMER DuoMobil offers a range of equipment features and functions which make it the ideal vehicle for a holiday for two. It is therefore THE perfect holiday home for couples who want to be flexible on their travels without having to compromise on comfort.

What makes the HYMER DuoMobil special?

The most uncomfortable area in a motorhome is usually the cab. It goes without saying that every effort is made to disguise and improve the look of the dashboard – but the cab is, and will always remain, a cab. Wouldn’t it be great if you could seal off the cab from the rest of the living area when you arrive at your destination – or better yet, integrate it into the living area!

The facts also speak for themselves – you either need the cab or a bedroom in the motorhome, but never both together. After all, you can’t drive and sleep at the same time!

In the HYMER DuoMobil, the cab is converted into a comfortable bedroom very easily and quickly at the pitch or campsite. The easy-to-access multifunctional fold-down bed with single bed function is the comfortable centrepiece of the sleeping area, which can also be completely separated from the cab by a sliding door underneath the fold-down bed to create an even more homely atmosphere.

For undisturbed privacy, the bedroom and bathroom including separate shower and dressing area can be partitioned off from the living area by a fixed door.

Thanks to the dual function cab/bedroom and the space that this saves, more room is left for the cooking and living area, where people spend most of their time in any case. The huge U-shaped seating group situated in the rear of the vehicle with windows on all sides for the perfect all-round panoramic view is made for spending an entertaining evening in good company with friends, for curling up with a magazine from time to time, or enjoying the privilege of watching your own TV when it’s raining.

The spacious kitchen with plenty of worktop space and the up to 160-litre refrigerator leave amateur chefs with nothing to desire.

Despite the huge rear seating area, thanks to the double floor and the sideboard integrated in the rear, the HYMER DuoMobil features a very spacious garage which can be easily accessed from both sides and “swallows up” most bicycles with ease.

The vehicles available as HYMER DuoMobil:

The HYMER DuoMobil is currently offered in two models – one of which is also available as a 3.5-ton vehicle:

HYMER DuoMobil B-DL 534

The DuoMobil B-DL 534 is based on the DynamicLine model range with an innovative lightweight construction and with a length of 6.99 m therefore remains under the 3.5-ton limit. The narrower body and elegant exterior design lend the motorhome a sporty, automotive character. But the HYMER DuoMobil B-DL 534 offers premium equipment and comfort, which is also highlighted by the new lightweight construction generation of furniture and the stylish furniture finish inside the vehicle.

HYMER DuoMobil B-SL 634

This motorhome model is based on the concept of a Hymermobil B-Class SL. With an elegant interior, smart exterior, all the key safety components and numerous series highlights such as Goldschmitt coil springs, this motorhome is indeed exclusive and stands for outstanding quality, maximum driving comfort and value retention.

An overview of the HYMER DuoMobil highlights:

  • Dual function cab/bedroom to save space
  • Multifunctional fold-down bed with two comfortable single beds
  • Privacy thanks to separable dressing and bathroom
  • Comfortable U-shaped seating group with panoramic window
  • Laptop and charger compartment in rear shelf
  • Kitchen with plenty of worktop space
  • Full-length wardrobe which extends into double floor
  • 60 cm (HYMER DuoMobil B-DL 534) or 70 cm (HYMER DuoMobil B-SL 634) wide Maxi entrance door
  • All tanks and service installations insulated and heated
  • Very spacious and easily accessible bicycle garage with an internal loading height of 117 cm (HYMER DuoMobil B-DL 534) or 121 cm (HYMER DuoMobil B-SL 634)
  • GRP roof coating as standard
  • Three (534) or four (634) full-size seats available as an option