Plenty of room for two

The layout of the HYMER DuoCar S is specially designed for travelling solo or as a couple and is sure to delight with its completely new concept and sense of space. While developing the vehicle, the target group’s wishes and needs that were collected in an online survey were taken into special consideration. Its compact design makes it ideal for the most diverse forms of travelling – from spontaneous city trips to extensive adventure travels. The vehicle is based on the fully glazed variant of the new Mercedes Sprinter. In addition to dynamic performance, it is characterised by a bright interior flooded with daylight. The tinted outer panes nevertheless provide enough privacy and the optional pop-top roof also offers an extra (or alternative) sleeping option.

The main advantages

  • Modern camper van for two with an innovative sofa bed solution

  • Biggest kitchen worktop in the camper van segment

  • Automotive exterior design due to the reduced number of distracting exterior flaps

  • Pleasant feeling of space due to open lines of sight

  • Self-sufficiency provided by a 93-l diesel tank, standard diesel heater and optional HYMER Smart Battery System

Exterior views

Ready to take off on a spontaneous romantic trip or an extensive adventure for two? With its compact design and dynamic performance, the HYMER DuoCar S is the ideal camper van for infinite freedom while travelling.


Powerful camper van with all-round glazing

When it comes to the exterior, the HYMER DuoCar S boasts a clear-cut design, where almost all of the distracting exterior flaps – such as those for service access – have been removed. The exterior all-round glazing is particularly eye-catching. This ensures that there is far more daylight in the interior, whilst the tinted panes of glass provide sufficient privacy. As a result, the vehicle’s appearance is only vaguely reminiscent of a classic camper vans. With the powerful standard diesel heater, the large 93-l fuel tank and the optional HYMER Smart Battery System, you can stay independent for longer while enjoying all your creature comforts – no matter how far off the beaten track you venture.

Interior features

The HYMER DuoCar S provides room for togetherness. The clever sofa bed solution in the interior flooded with daylight offers a spot for brilliant ideas, which makes it all the better to have tinted outer panes to provide sufficient privacy.

  • Interior

    Flexible and comfortable

    This floor plan will surprise you – with its separate shower area, comfortable lounge opposite the largest kitchen in its class or its sleeping area on the upper level. A maisonette on four wheels.

    1 out of 1
  • Upholstery and furniture finishes

    High-quality upholstery covers and elegant wood finishes

    All fabric and leather variants we use in our vehicles come with above-average light and colour fastness to withstand high exposure to sunlight. They are also coated with a stain protector and are thus extremely hard-wearing and easy to clean.

    The furniture units, with elegant wood finishes and modern laminate fronts, are made of high-quality materials. They give the interiors an attractive, cosy feel. The furniture is both easy-care and hardwearing.

    | 4
    • 1356_1971_hymer_polster_unisto

      Fabric combination: Denver

    • 1346_1963_hymer_polster_vollle

      Leather: Grigio

    • 1347_1940_hymer_polster_vollle

      Leather: Napoli

    • 1336_461_hymer_holzdekor_chiav

      Furniture finish: Chiavenna Nut


For those who like compact and comfortable travelling, this camper van on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis is perfect with its all-round glazing and innovative layout concept. The best is part: the collection of equipment leaves plenty of time for romantic moments.

  • Highlights standard Equipments

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    • 2181_hymer_tagfahrlicht.jpg

      Be seen by others

      The high-visibility daytime running light ensures safety even in poor light conditions. The daytime running lights mean other traffic participants spot your vehicle more easily during the day, reducing the risk of accidents caused by failure to see you.
    • 4849_hymer_mercedes_automatisc

      Automatic headlights

      The automatic headlight control or headlight assist system switches the low-beam headlight on or off according to current light conditions. This provides more comfort for the driver as well as enhanced safety.
    • 2152_hymer_fiat_airbag_fahrer_

      Driver and passenger airbags

      In the event of a serious collision, the airbag can reduce the force of an impact with the head or chest. This can protect you, if you’re wearing a seatbelt, from head or chest injuries, or mitigate such injuries. Airbags on the driver and passenger sides are part of the standard equipment in all HYMER motorhomes.
    • 1208_hymer_halbautomatische_kl

      Comfortable controlled climate

      The semi-automatically controlled TEMPMATIC air conditioning ensures a comfortable temperature in the interior. The system simultaneously dehumidifies the air, which prevents the windows from misting up inside. What’s more, an integrated particle filter provides a protective barrier against pollen and dust.
    • 2174_hymer_mercedes_seitenwind

      Stay on track even in windy conditions

      The Crosswind Assist is fitted as standard. It recognises lane deviations caused by strong crosswinds and supports the driver with automatic braking interventions to keep in lane.
    • 2211_hymer_elektrische_stufe.j

      Electric entrance step

    • 2272_hymer_pilotensitze_in_woh

      Multifunctional comfort

      The height and angle-adjustable swivel cab seats are fully upholstered in the same fabric combination as the living area. Their exceptional seating comfort and tiltable arm rests make them ideal for settling down to watch TV and for relaxed driving.
    • 2256_hymer_camper_van_fliegens

      Effective insect screens

      The pleated insect screen on the sliding door ensures that uninvited guests stay outside.
    • 2283_hymer_verdunkelung_fahrer

      For perfect privacy

      The concertina cab blinds made from a premium pleated fabric for the cab front and side windows protect your motorhome from prying eyes and excessive sunlight in summer.
    • 21745_schlafcouch_mit_staumoeg

      Variable, comfortable couch bed

      The generous double bed featuring a comfortable cold foam mattress is easy to set up and converts into a couch during the day. The sleeping surface has a breathable cover which can be removed for washing, so it doesn’t need a fitted sheet. The bed has room for pillows and a duvet.
    • 2336_hymer_led_beleuchtung_tou

      Convenient touch control

      The LED strip lights can easily be dimmed at the press of a finger. Using the clever memory function, the light intensity setting can be saved when switching off the light, so that this last setting is called up when switching the light on again.
    • 22664_hymer_camper_van_70_l_ko

      Cooled refreshment from either side

      The 70-litre compressor refrigerator at the end of the kitchen area features a double hinge so it can be opened easily from inside or outside. It provides excellent cooling performance, even when it’s sweltering outside.
    • 2291_hymer_camper_van_design_w

      Designer folding washbasin

      The designer folding washbasin made of high-quality solid-surface material can be folded away to give you more space in the bathroom.
    • 2292_hymer_duschbrausehalterun

      Open-air shower

      A practical suction cup even enables the shower fitting to be attached to the exterior of the vehicle – for a refreshing shower experience in the open air.
    • 21746_hymer_dieselheizung.png

      For cosy warmth inside the vehicle

      The diesel hot-air heating system with electric bar heater and LDC display is equipped with iNet ready. The option of electric operation makes it even more versatile. What’s more, you don’t need a gas locker for heavy gas bottles, so you have more storage space and save weight.
    • 2334_hymer_lcd_bedienteil_inkl

      The feel-good factor – centrally controlled

      Individual temperature adjustments and the boost function for fast hot water supply and room heating can be controlled via the central LCD control panel for the heater, which is equipped with iNet ready and a timer.
  • Highlights optional Equipments

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    • 1057_hymer_automatikgetriebe.j

      For economical and smooth driving

      The fuel-saving 7G-TRONIC automatic transmission does away with manual gear shifting and ensures smooth gear shifts. When necessary, simply press the brake pedal to activate the HOLD function which stops the vehicle from rolling forward at traffic lights or in stop-and-go traffic.
    • 1219_hymer_mercedes_led_perfor

      See and be seen even better

      The high-performance LED headlights increase safety at night. They provide extra visibility thanks to their wide light distribution, low energy consumption and light colour, which is similar to daylight.
    • 1040_hymer_abstands_assistent.

      Active Distance Assist, including multifunction steering wheel

      The DISTRONIC PLUS drive assist system (including Active Brake Assist) helps you keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front – and automatically brakes in an emergency. This minimises the risks from insufficient safety distances, sudden traffic stops and distraction.
    • 1043_hymer_allradantrieb_zusch

      Ready even for challenging road conditions

      A switchable all wheel drive system with increased traction, improved driving stability and the latest generation of ADAPTIVE ESP® lets you master even the most challenging weather and road conditions. Simply press a button to activate the additional gear reduction which reduces the transmission ratio.
    • 1273_hymer_totwinkelassistent.

      Blind Spot Assist

      The Blind Spot Assist alerts the driver to vehicles in the blind spot via visual and acoustic signals. Rear Cross Traffic also detects any vehicles passing behind the vehicle when reversing.
    • 1535_hymer_aufstelldach.jpg

      Roof bedroom

      A separate bedroom for two is available in the pop-top roof with integrated bendable and folding double bed featuring the comfort sleeping system. The pop-top roof is painted in the body colour.
    • 1854_hymer_zierkissen_wohnwelt

      Extra cosiness with the “HOME” furniture finish

      Two stylish scatter cushions with covers that match the seating area fabric as well as a practical utensil bag on the front end of the kitchen add extra comfort in the living area.
    • 1736_hymer_smart_battery_syste

      Innovative power system: HYMER Smart Battery System

      The HYMER Smart Battery System enables you to drastically increase the period of self-sufficiency of your vehicle. This results in the vehicle being able to stand without a power connection for almost 10 days. This is ideal for customers who enjoy a high degree of independence.
    • 24560_hymer_32_zoll_led_flachb

      TV on the move

      Thanks to the optional 32-inch flat screen including Bluetooth connection, you can enjoy a real home cinema feeling even when you’re on the road.
    • 1429_hymer_park_paket.jpg

      Safe parking and manoeuvring

      Drive more easily into parking spaces and more safely out of them: The parking package with 360° camera supports parking and manoeuvring with optical and acoustic signals. That boosts comfort and safety.

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