Equipment and technology

Comfort is not just about having enough space, it also means having the right equipment and systems.

Assistance systems

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    9G-TRONIC automatic transmission including hold function

    The consumption-optimized 9G-TRONIC automatic transmission relieves the driver of manual shifting and impresses with smooth shifting operations. The transmission keeps engine speed and fuel consumption as low as possible with its 9 finely graded gears. The large gear spread optimizes the vehicles agility and torque. This ensures maximum driving comfort in all operating conditions. It is operated using the DYNAMIC SELECT lever on the steering wheel. Manual shifting is also possible with the shift paddles behind the steering wheel. If required, the systems HOLD function prevents the vehicle from rolling away unintentionally when stopped at traffic lights or in stop-and-go traffic by pressing the brake pedal.
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    Permanent all-wheel drive

    Thanks to permanent all-wheel drive (Mercedes-Benz 4MATIC), fully variable, electronically controlled and demand-dependent torque distribution (torque-on-demand), significantly increased traction and improved driving stability are achieved with more driving comfort. Safety systems such as ADAPTIVE ESP® or 4ETS® help to master major challenges, even in adverse weather and road conditions. The 4MATIC all-wheel drive powerfully implements what the powerful engines dictate. Always active, the system improves traction and driving stability, especially in difficult road conditions. A real plus in safety in wet, snowy and icy conditions as well as a reliable basis for sporty driving fun.
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    MBUX multimedia system with high-resolution touchscreen

    The MBUX multimedia system with a 26 cm (10.25 inch) touchscreen is a system with a wide range of talents. It leaves nothing to be desired in terms of infotainment, navigation and communication in the vehicle. It can be operated using the high-resolution touchscreen, the touch control buttons on the multifunction steering wheel and via intelligent voice control. Fast hard drive navigation with high-quality topographic 3D map display takes real-time traffic information into account, helping to avoid traffic jams and shorten travel times. Other highlights include smartphone integration via Apple® CarPlay® and Android Auto® or Mirrorlink, as well as the Bluetooth® interface with hands-free function for telephoning while driving with as few distractions as possible.
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    LED high-performance headlights

    The LED high-performance headlights illuminate the road evenly, thereby improving visibility at night. Excellent illumination of the road is achieved with both the headlights and the high beam, since the LED technology is characterized by a more homogeneous light distribution thanks to several light sources compared to halogen headlights. The low energy consumption, the daylight-like light colour and the reduction in the glare of oncoming traffic and other road users in the dark are further plus points of the LED high-performance headlights.
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    Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC

    The Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC relieves the driver by maintaining the distance set by the driver to the vehicle in front and automatically controlling the speed when vehicles in front slow down. This is a great support both in flowing convoy traffic when driving on the motorway and in stop-and-go traffic. The driver simply sets the desired target distance, and the assistance system then maintains it for the driver. During normal driving, the driver does not have to be constantly active by braking or accelerating, because the vehicle accelerates independently and brakes with a maximum of half braking power in order to maintain the safety distance. If the system detects a risk of a collision that requires stronger braking, Active Brake Assist also intervenes.
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    Active Crosswind Assist

    Active Crosswind Assist recognizes a lane misalignment caused by strong gusts of crosswind in good time and supports the driver in staying in lane by automatically applying the brakes. Because a sudden lane misalignment of the vehicle can trigger inappropriate steering reactions from the driver. This is why Active Crosswind Assist automatically corrects the vehicles course from a speed of 80 km/h. This significantly reduces the track offset and the influence of the cross-wind gust is largely compensated or reduced.
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Independence? In abundance!
The HYMER Self-Sufficiency Package

If you want to travel wherever your heart takes you, you need your own supply of basic utilities. Electricity and water being top of the list. With your Venture S, you can have plenty of both.

Full power? For up to 10 days at a time.
Thanks to solar power and intelligent technology

Three 115 W solar panels ensure that the battery of your HYMER Venture S is always optimally charged. In combination with the HYMER Smart Battery System 2.0 with up to 320 Ah lithium battery capacity, you can enjoy total self-sufficiency on the road for up to 10 days via your vehicle’s 230 V power supply.


Intelligent. Right down to the battery cells.
The HYMER Smart Battery System

The revolutionary Smart Battery System powered by the solar panels delivers outstanding performance. It also guarantees significantly increased self-sufficiency, massively extends the lifespan of the entire system and lowers the operating costs throughout its service life.

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Every drop is precious.
Generous water reservoir

For relaxed showering while travelling “off-grid”, a convenient fresh water tank is at your disposal. This ensures you are well supplied and can choose pitches without a mains water connection. Depending on your consumption rate, you can enjoy several days of total independence and freedom!

Not just pure. Fresh from the source.
HYMER clearliQ travel water filter

With the clearliQ travel water filter, you can enjoy freshly filtered drinking water at any time. The system treats up to 120 litres of water per hour – from whatever source you have drawn it.

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Take it all with you:
The airline rail system

Whether for bicycles or bulky luggage items, the aluminium alloy airline rails on the tailgate ensure extreme flexibility. No more careful calculations about what you can take with you! The high-strength materials and narrow rail spacing make this system far superior to any conventional anchor bars.

airline rail system

Innovative benchmark:
PUAL body shell design

The excellent insulation provided by the closed-cell PU foam guarantees a comfortable temperature in summer and cosy warmth during the colder months. HYMER’s patented PUAL body shell design has been setting standards in the industry for decades and offers maximum stability and insulation values.

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Living room extension:
Awning included

If you ever get tired of the sun, you can always find a shady spot under the electric awning.


Make your Visions come true.